Psychic Development and Guided Meditations

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Bonnie Adam has developed several mp3 guided meditations to help you relax and get in touch with your inner self, and her PDF manuals and online courses are designed to coach you in the intuitive arts. All of these products have been tried and tested in intuition development classes over the years by Bonnie’s students who have been able to use them to successfully advance their psychic skills.


How to Develop Psychic Abilities

There are many ways to open up to psychic phenomenon and learn to Develop Psychic Abilities; in fact you may find this unbelievable, but anyone can learn how to develop psychic abilities.

Everyone has some degree of psychic intuition. We may not realize that we are using our innate psychic abilities every day. Have you ever known that someone was going to call you? Have you ever felt that sense of warning that something was not right? Every day there are people who saved themselves and others from catastrophe by listening to that “little voice.” I'm sure that many of you have had an experience with that nagging voice inside your head telling you that you should call a friend, postpone a trip, slow down in the car, get out of a certain place or not leave the house.

That is your psychic voice trying to break through the clutter and chatter we have inside our busy minds. Many, who thought they had no psychic abilities at all, are honing those skills to be able to read for other people. If you are interested in developing your gifts or even becoming a psychic reader, you can learn to open yourself up and get the answers you are looking for.

Some psychic readers have practiced their abilities for several years, and have become accustomed to interpreting the psychic information that comes through in a reading. They have opened themselves up with time and practice to receive more clear impressions. A good psychic reader is not someone who has simply memorized a lot of meanings out of a book. A competent psychic should be able to see how their impressions apply to the person they are working with. The cards, runes, or visions and messages should be used as divination tools to help guide a person in their unique situation.

Many readers close their eyes while reading. This enables them to see images or receive messages through their third eye. Sometimes they describe it as seeing a TV screen inside of their foreheads. It takes practice to be able to open your mind, and it also takes some maintenance. It is difficult to find things in a messy home, and a mind is much the same. The psychic must try to keep their mind clear and free of clutter, so they can find things when they are looking for them. 

There are several methods or psychic styles. Some people use tarot cards or runes, or the I- Ching. Some are clairvoyants or mediums. When you try to open yourself to receive intuitive information, you will be amazed at your natural skill. Natural skills can require some honing and training, so you may want to try some training courses, or try to find a mentor or class to join. Practicing is the key!

Training is a great way to start, but you will still find that the best way is to simply try to relax and listen for answers. These are not always audible and can be more of a sense of knowinglike an inner voice or a picture in your mind. It doesn’t always happen like on TV. The information can come in short flashes, brief images, or pieces of movie clips. For instance, you could be sitting quietly relaxing at home and have a strong urge to call a friend or relative. You might dismiss it and then find yourself thinking about the person more and more as the days go by. When you do check in you may find that your loved one has been in distress or perhaps has some health problem. This might have happened around the time you started thinking about calling.

You will want to try to find out what kind of psychic you are or identify your "psychic style." You should experiment with different psychic tools and be patient with yourself. It can take time and practice to awaken your abilities, but the outcome will be worth the effort.